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ff_format_element_t Struct Reference

#include <fastformat/internal/format_element.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Format element.

Public Attributes

size_t len
ff_char_t const * ptr
int index
ff_format_element_width_t_ minWidth
ff_format_element_width_t_ maxWidth
ff_format_element_alignment_t_ alignment
int fill

Member Data Documentation

size_t len

Length of the replacement string slice.

ff_char_t const* ptr

Pointer to the base of the replacement string slice.

int index

-1 if literal, -2 if malformed (and len+ptr correspond to all of it)

ff_format_element_width_t_ minWidth

Minimum length of field

ff_format_element_width_t_ maxWidth

Maximum length of field

ff_format_element_alignment_t_ alignment

alignment of field

int fill

fill instruction of field

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